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In Writing Prompts on October 24, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Hey everyone! Needing to challenge yourself? Are you a writer who never writes? Just want a quick entertaining thing to read? Today launches shortyarns, easy writing prompts that will get us all thinking and trying, most of all DOING! Every Monday a new prompt will be revealed and every Thursday 3 responses will be shared. Tara Wiley and I concocted this idea so we will be revealing our responses to the prompt as well as one from a respected guest blogger every week.

If you would like to participate, the first thing you need to do is subscribe to this blog! Go to the bottom of this page and enter in your e-mail address or click “FOLLOW.” It’s that simple! That will keep you updated every Monday without having to hunt us down.

Secondly write your response to the prompt and share in the Monday comments a link to your blog and your short story! I can’t wait to see what is done here πŸ™‚

Your first prompt:

Pick a bad habit you have, write about a character that has the same bad habit but only worse. Write about how that bad habit gets your character into some serious trouble.

Can’t wait to read your responses!!!


  1. Prissy the Procrastinator
    Why do today what can be put off to tomorrow was the motto she lived by. Living in a house built by her great-grandparents over 100 years ago, Prissy the procrastinator was never one to let her motto get her down. Her yard stayed overgrown with weeds so tall you couldn’t see the front door. Every six months or so the city would come and mow it and leave a bill on her door, adding to the collection of bills already piled up. Her mailbox was so full the post mistress had put a hold on Prissy’s mail years ago. The utilities had not been on since her parents added them to her responsibilities. The roof on the house leaked every time it rained, dripping down walls and helping the mold growth. Prissy knew the roof needed to be replaced, the house cleaned, the mold killed, and probably a total renovation needed to happen. That would all wait for another day. Every morning Prissy woke up to a beautiful sunrise and thought about all the things she needed to do. Then she rolled over knowing those things will be there tomorrow.

  2. What a “coincidence”. I was just talking to someone at work about this very “habit”.

    This is definitely one of my character defects. I put off things – especially the unpleasant ones or the ones requiring a good amount of time or effort.

    After a while, I feel overwhelmed and unable to find a “starting place”.

  3. Emily Expectations

    Emily has spent her entire life expecting others to be what she wants them to be. When they aren’t, she tries to change them. When she is unable to change them, she sabotages the relationship until they end it or she does.

    She spends a lot of time wishing – wishing someone would call, wishing someone would put her “first” for a change, wishing she could keep her mind from obsessing, wishing…………….

    She also gives – her time, her resources, her money, herself – “expecting”, in return, for someone to give to her – their time, their resources, their money, themselves.

    As a result, she has few friends. At the present, she is in a “relationship” with someone who has a lot of good qualities. Instead of focusing on this person’s good qualities, she fights the urge to point out the bad ones – and sometimes loses the battle.

    If she is unable to change, she will end up a lonely old woman.

  4. THank you Virgie and Sherri!!!! These, I believe, are something most of us struggle with πŸ™‚

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