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A Baby Really Does Change EVERYTHING!

In Responses on December 22, 2011 at 3:33 pm

by Jen Gregory

I wanted to write a short story but if you haven’t guessed there is nothing “short” about writing a short story at all! Christmas has wound tight around us and I must keep moving and let go. In my ponderings on this idea of a modern day Nativity I was having so much fun creating a relevant Nativity all under the pretext of the world we live in now. There was my hiccup; I’m a literal kind of girl. I like to take the facts and fictionalize. So in order to write a modern day birth of Jesus I had to ask, if there had been no Jesus in the last 2000 years what would the world look like. It took about a minute for the humbling thought to saturate my brain, bleed into my inmost being.

It would be so very, very different. My world as I know it would be radically changed. I can’t fathom it at all. For heaven’s sake, I’m from the Bible belt! What would we worship? What “religion” would I be? What would America look like? and Israel? Would there be Muslims? There is a song that says, “A Baby Changes Everything” and it totally does. All week I’ve asked people, what would a modern day Shepard be? I was looking for that clever and perfect story but instead I ask you, what would “modern day” anything look like without a Messiah. It doesn’t matter what you believe, the question is, what would today look like without Jesus having ever been born?

I’m grateful for belief, for certainty, for faith that clings to me when I forget to cling to it. I’m glad those many years ago there was a young girl brave enough to look crazy, faithful enough to bring into the world a son who literally did change everything. Maybe the story of a virgin birth sounds crazy to you, it’s supposed to. Crazier is the thought of just what today would look like without Christ. I’m grateful tonight. Merry Christmas friends!


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