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Three Wisecracking Men

In Responses on December 22, 2011 at 3:34 pm

by Ethan Wiley, age  10

One starry night the three wise men in Iran were looking through their telescope at three stars.

“That’s the star!” said the first.

“What star? I don’t see any special star…it’s the same stars we see every night,” said the third.

“*Snort* huh? What? Where? …….what are you two talking about? And I mean seriously waking me up like that…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!” yelled the second.

“Well it’s not all MY fault!” replied the third.

“………..well don’t look at ME cause I found THE STAR!” retorted the first.

“What star?” asked the second.

“Yah I asked him the same thing which was ‘what star? I don’t see any special star…it’s the same stars we see every night’ does that sound familiar? Huh? HUH!” said the third.

“Would you two stop just stop and for Pete’s sake tell us what this STAR is or WHAT it does!” the second yelled.

“Well this star will lead us to the everlasting savior, the Christ or Messiah.  Well it’s just a hunch BUT but but but there’s about a oh I’d say………a ninety-five percent chance my hunch is right but there’s really no telling whether it’s just a myth or if it’s true,” replied the first.

“Well I like it do you?” questioned the second.

“Oh well…….I…..I guess so,” answered the third.

“SWEET! I can’t wait! We’ll pack in the morning; sound good?” asked the first.

“Oh yah!” said the second and third at the same time.

“Jinx! You owe me a soda baby!” announced the third.

“Rgh! Ya got me!” said the second.

The next morning

“Hey…dude wake up!” said the first.

“Huh? …what’s goin’ on?” said the third drearily.

“Wakey wakey eggs and bac-y!” announced the first.

“What? Well doesn’t matter now what in the world are you…”

“Hello! Isn’t it obvious? It’s time to go!” interrupted the first.

“But… I didn’t even get to pack my special things,” said the third disappointingly.

“It’s alright bud we packed them for you,” said the first.

“You guys did! Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!” replied the third excitedly.

“Now let’s get in the Jeep and scram!”said the first.

“Rodger that! Right behind you buddy!” said the third.

“Hey guys over here! Jeep’s ready so let’s go!” yelled the second.

Now for just a two day long trip they packed A LOT of stuff like…deodorant, three tooth brushes, six sandwiches, five pairs of clothes for each of them, twelve pairs of pajamas, four hundred ninety-seven letters of blah (ha! That’s the same amount of letters there are in the story not including this. Ironic isn’t it?), gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They owned a new desert camo 2012 Jeep and all of them wore the same clothes (not literally though! They were just different pairs of the same clothing):  red and green tee shirts and khaki pants – and that is why our Christmas colors are red and green. This is also why boys now wear khaki pants to church.

“So…what do I type into the gps?” asked the second.

“Ya know what it just hit me…that we have to wait till night to go,” replied the first.

“What! Are you kidding me!” screamed the third.

Later that night

“Ok let’s start the car,” said the second.

“Now follow that star! Even if you have to go off the road just follow that star!” said the first very loudly.

Even later that night

“We’re running low on gas…can you…”

“What’s that?” questioned the third.


“It’s a gas station! I thought everybody knew that?” interrupted the first…again.

“Hey can I…”


“HEY! I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TALK TO YOU GUYS!” interrupted the second.

“Oh…sorry,” said the first and third at the same time.

“Jinx you guys BOTH owe me a soda now!” announced the second.

“Man! Hey don’t you think you should get some gas?” asked the third.

“You’re right I’ll be right back,” said the second.

After he filled up on gas they went back on their way toward the star but not too long after that they found the city Jerusalem.

“Check it out guys! We’re in Jerusalem!” rejoiced the first.

“I think we should camp here cause we’ve gotta sleep,” said the third.

“Awwwww,” said the first frowning.

“*Yawn* and besides I’m WAY too tired to go any further,” said the second.

“Oh…ok,” said the first.

The next night

“Hey guys I…I think we’re in Bethlehem!” said the third.

“And look the star’s shining on that barn!” said the second.

“That’s where the Messiah is! The Christ! Our savior!” announced the first.

When they opened the barn door they saw lying in a manger the Christ they had been looking for. And when they came in they saw Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus.

“He’s…he’s beautiful,” said the first.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said the third humbly.

“Amazing,” said the second.

As the second hesitated to touch Jesus Mary said.

“Here he is for all people.”

At that moment all of the villagers and shepherds (who had been sent by Gabriel) arrived.

“Here, take it: gold for the king of kings,” said the first, and he walked away.

“Frankincense for the king,” said the second, and he also walked away.

“Myrrh for the king,” said the third.

And that was it: the King was born and the world would soon be saved.

The end

Ethan Wiley is Tara’s 10 year old son. He has a passion for classical guitar that is only outmatched by his enthusiasm for football. He hopes to play fullback for the Kansas State Wildcats one day.

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