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by Jackson Gregory

One day out in the woods of South Dakota there was a boy who was going camping. There were legends of monsters such as Big Foot. The boy Jacob didn’t believe in Big Foot, not yet. That night he decided to go hiking. He was a little afraid of the mountain lions but didn’t give a care about the so called “bigfoot.”

He had walked from Vulture Canyon to Oak Ridge. The eighteen year old boy had only a bowie knife and a flashlight. Suddenly his flashlight ran out of batteries! He heard a sound in the bushes. He heard a roar. Could it be a mountain lion?

He felt something furry. He didn’t know what it was but he did know he’d find out soon. The next thing he knew he was in a dark, cold cave. He thought to himself, “What is going on?” He touched his head. It hurt. He looked at his hand, it was red. He was bleeding. He looked around him. Just rocks.

He heard something moving. What could it be? He peered around the corner. Bbbbb…BIGFOOT. He couldn’t help but scream Ahhhhh!!!! It came around the corner and gave him a very ugly look. It came and pushed him down and growled, Roarrrr!!! Its breath smelled like rotten fish and venison.

That night he figured out that not only did the monster steal his knife but that there wasn’t only one Sasquatch. There were a lot of them. They made a fire and howled, then they grabbed Jacob and tied him to a stick with a vine. He knew tomorrow he’d either have a legendary story to tell his grandkids or he’d be a shish-ka-bob. What would it be?

He tried his best to get out but it was just too tight! He remembered his Swiss Army knife. He could cut the vine. He got out and snuck away.

The End.

  1. I really like the new author a lot. In fact I love him. He writes really well, had an incredibly sense of adventure and imagination. I hope he will write more stories.
    Great job jack. Papa & I loved the story.

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