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Two Old Women in the Den

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2012 at 4:35 pm

by Jen Gregory

“You ever been so hot in your life Vera Dee?”

“Nope, not ever that I can think of. It’s hotter than that summer all the potatoes baked up in the dirt. You remember that, Velma?”

“Hah, Daddy was sure mad that summer. It was this hot I suppose, but we could go dive in the creek then and get some relief that way. I’m too wrinkled up to cool off like that now.”

“You reckon it’ll cool off by the end of August. I’m sick to death of sweating, just sitting here. I’d sure like to get into my flower garden and do some work.”

“Maybe it will cool off by then but it’s just hot Vera, dad gum hot!”

“When are your young-uns going to come see us again, isn’t it getting  to be about that time of year?”

“Yup, Joe is coming up on the sixth of September with his gang. You know that means we have to clean and cook?”

“Well at least you got folks to clean and cook for. I call that a blessing. When Frank died I haven’t had nothing to do but adopt your people.”

“And I’ll share, I sure will! Bunch of rascals they are.”

“But you love them?”

“But I love them. Yes I do. Way God meant me to I reckon. Joe says he is bringing the great grans with him too. That plump little Liza makes me laugh, she’s a spitfire.”

“How long you think God wants us to go on loving rascals? I loved mine for fifty-four years and I tell you he made me plumb miserable some days and you know what?”


“I miss him! Miss him like when we were seventeen and couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other. I miss him all day, every day, and yet I still remember how mad he made me. Fool couldn’t figure out what to do with a pair of dirty socks!”

“Made me mad too sometimes best I recall.”

“Hee-hee, that he did. Rascal.”

“Yup, rascal. I miss him too. I reckon God wants us to keep loving our people even when they aggravate and act ignorant.”

“I don’t aggravate you do I?”

“Don’t be ignorant of course not!”

“Of course not, I’m your little sister. You ain’t ever aggravated me much Velma, a little, but not too much. That’s why I love you.”

“Then go get me some lemonade.”

“Want to joy ride over to the Sonic in Arlson? Only twenty minutes away.”

“Sounds ignorant, two old ladies driving all that way for a drink and you driving so slow like you do. That’ll aggravate the town folk and who knows who they will tell about it…  let’s go!”

“Yes ma’m let’s go! I’ll get my purse.”


  1. oh, you and Jen Strange and your wonderful Southern yarns. How I love ’em. You have such a gift at bringing the aging Southern woman and her family to life. Keep writing. 🙂

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